Over the years, lavender has slowly snuck to the top of our ‘things we like to smell’ list. Yes, we keep a list like that kicking around, what of it? Anyway, the new attraction LavenderLand is coming to Richmond in June of this year. Here’s a quick rundown.

The concept first came about back in 2017, but it’s taken a few years to fill out the 7 or so acres of lavender on the property. So, while some products are now available to purchase, the farm hasn’t been opened to the general public just yet.

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Another sunny day

Posted by 8460Lavenderland on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Well, that’s set to change this year. LavenderLand has announced that they will be offering public visits as early as this June. That’s great news for us since it will be the first farm of its kind in the Vancouver Coastal Health region.

(Sidenote: isn’t it weird that 2020 made us shift from ‘Metro Van’ to ‘Van Coastal Health’ when scouting things to do? There’s another farm in Langley, but technically we can’t visit it for fun just yet)

We can’t wait for this new lavender farm to open! Once it does, catch us down there taking the biggest breaths you’ve ever seen in your life.


When: Slated to open June 19th, 2021
Where: 8460 Steveston Highway, Richmond
Tickets: Onsale March 1st