Imagine being deep below the earth, in a cool, dark cave. Nooks and crannies are illuminated only by your headlamp, and all you hear is an underground waterfall. If Planet Earth taught us anything, it’s that caves are some of the most unique places in the world. The Horne Lake Caves on Vancouver Island take this a step further. Not only can you spelunk, explore, and rappel through waterfalls, but you can dash down Canada’s only underground slide!

horne lake caves

If you’re feeling a little claustrophobic, don’t click away yet. These caves are spacious enough for a group, so you can explore with your friends or family and still feel comfortable. In case you didn’t know, Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of underground caves in Canada. This place is one of the coolest, though.

Pouring subterranean waterfalls and networks of tunnels make it a tour you’ll never forget. A guide means there’s no need to fret about getting lost- they’ll take you to every hidden corner and underground wonder the caves have.

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Speaking of underground corner, an underground slide lets you whiz through the caves at top speed! Yep, someone saw this cave and thought “ah, perfect place for a slide.” They weren’t wrong, that’s for sure. The slide is completely hidden and only accessible on a tour, so you better bet it’s one of the most unique things you can do in this country.

Come see what Mother Nature is hiding under the earth, and take a thrilling ride down the cave slide while you’re at it! Or, like 30 rides. It’s just too cool.


Where: 3905 Horne Lake Caves Rd. Qualicum Beach