So you’ve got some real landed money and need a new getaway on the East Coast. Well folks, hold on to your lobster bibs because we’ve found the perfect spot for you. Welcome to The Lodge at Strum Island, which has been built with ‘security, seclusion, and self-sustainability in mind’.

the lodge strum island

Ok, maybe it can also double as a safe house, whatever. Not least because this home is only accessible by boat or by helicopter. Maybe you can get both thrown in as a bonus if you buy the house. At a list price of $21,000,000, it’s pretty much the cost of a 5% discount.

the lodge strum island

The island itself is only five minutes away from Mahone Bay, one of the most picturesque tourism areas in Canada. And we checked for you already- there are more than a few golf courses in the area, including a private one called Ashburn that has reciprocal deals with courses across Canada. Plus, membership is a mere $5k- cheap as chips!

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the lodge strum island

What’s really fun about this property is that all of the details aren’t being shared. Sure, they mention a rose hut and an observation tower (weird bonuses), but what about the other structures? The listing claims that you could survive here for well over a year if need be. Fun!


Of course, this information probably won’t be shared with the general public. It’s obvious that this island is for the Howard Hughes’ of our time- folks who have enough money to hide from the world if they really wanted to, and then they do.

Problem is that these days, anyone can just look up houses online. If you’d like to see more of The Lodge at Strum Island, click here!