Fans of the Lord of the Ring may have just found their holy grail in the form of an incredibly unique Airbnb. Out near gorgeous Osoyoos, BC, you can rent out your very own slice of The Shire in the form of an authentic Hobbit Hole. Let’s take a look, shall we!

hobbit hole

Whether you’re in love with the original trilogy or you’re more of a The Hobbit-head, this Airbnb is sure to satiate all of your Middle-Earth related desires. Not only is the hobbit house made to look and feel like Frodo or Bilbo’s home, but it is also nestled in a remote and idyllic ranch in the mountains of BC.

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hobbit hole

While you don’t need one ring to rule them all to book the hobbit house, you do need to book in advance and have around $300 a night. Which is definitely not as hard as getting into Mordor.


If you’re hoping to have your nest LOTR marathon at this Airbnb, you’ll also have to bring your own tech. The hobbit hole prides itself on its seclusion and lack of TV or Wifi. Which is true to the films because we don’t remember Samwise mentioning Netflix ever.


To see more pics, or book your stay, check out the Airbnb page here.