Feel free to disagree with us, but windmills are fascinating. We’re not sure exactly what it is about them that makes us feel some sort of way, but we’ve always thought that they and anyone who operated one, were incredibly mysterious. For those of you who agree and also have a fixation with these haunting yet, oddly comforting buildings, we’d recommend checking out an incredibly unique Airbnb rental listed just outside of Drumheller, Alberta – The Impossible Dream. 

Located in the town of Rosebud, this historic windmill – which the owners call the ‘Impossible Dream’ – is incredibly quiet and perfect for the staycationer hoping to unplug for a few days.

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Photo Via Airbnb

With room for up to 3 guests, this one-of-a-kind destination has a ton of welcoming amenities like a cozy queen-sized bed, fireplace, Tea, coffee, oatmeal, brown sugar and a full kitchen to cook your own meals.

In addition to this, guests will also get an incredible view of the hamlet, nearby cattle and the rolling hills – but it gets better!

Attached to the bedroom is a 360° wrap-around upper deck where you can really lean into the calm of it all with a morning coffee or a glass of wine.

Photo Via Airbnb

Not already convinced that this place is the coolest? It’s also got a secret room – the blue library where imagination and thought are encouraged.

Sounds expensive right?

Well you may be surprised to know that this unique Alberta Airbnb  actually only around $262 a night (depending on the time you go.)

Check it out, friends and enjoy! There’s really nothing like it.