If you’re anything like us you probably want to try everything once but who the heck wants to spend hundreds of dollars on something if you’re not sure it’s your thing? Now you have a way to rent anything and everything from people who already own this stuff! Sounds like a win-win to us! Ruckify is the genius one-stop destination to list things you own for rent and get your hands on that stuff that you have always been wanting to get a hold of. You can be the ultimate adventurer, an experienced home cook, home renovator, and successful side hustler all in one.

Check out these items you can rent or list!

Outdoor Seasonal Activities

ruckify vancouver

Whether it’s snowboards, skis, or snowshoes in the winter, or paddleboards and kayaks in the summer Ruckify’s marketplace makes adventures possible!


Have a project to complete but not looking to throw cash at something you’ll use just once or twice? Pick-up a tool from a helpful neighbour instead. Power drills, tile saws, air compressors, and much more are now easier to get ahold


ruckify vancouver

Looking to make homemade pasta or doing some baking over a weekend? Pick-up a Pasta Maker or Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!

All you have to do to use Ruckify is register on their website and begin to post things you own, with the general rule of thumb is listing your items for 10% of the purchase price. (Why not have your items pay themselves off!) Spare your items from the landfill when you share and ultimately make a positive impact on the environment. Plus, Ruckify will plant a tree for every sign-up, transaction, and review, which is also super awesome!

You also get $5 in RuckBucks (money to spend on Ruckify) for every item you successfully post on your store (yes, every single item). With your RuckBucks you can start renting items from others. Curious about rental rates and insurance? Don’t worry they’ve simplified all that for you!

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It’s even a good gig for rental companies and used sporting goods stores that have a “try-before-you-buy” concept. As an example, we came across a woman in Okotoks who makes bank just by renting out snowshoes in the winter!

Really the possibilities are endless, so look around your house and see what you could list, or head over to Ruckify’s website and see what wicked weekend you can plan with rented items!