From takeoff to touchdown, Air Canada has their customers covered. The trusted airline recently announced the launch of its non-stop flights from Vancouver to Bangkok. 

So whether you are exploring a new destination or revisiting a beloved old one, the journey there is usually the least exciting part of the holiday. Especially when it involves strenuous connecting flights and inconvenient layovers. But thanks to Air Canada, that won’t be the case on your next trip to Thailand. 

And with the launch of these non-stop flights, Air Canada becomes the only North American carrier to offer non-stop flights to Thailand. Pretty neat, eh?


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Just in case you’re wondering, non-stop isn’t the same as direct. It’s better!

A direct flight implies you won’t have to get off the flight during the journey. The flight, however, can make more than one stop of any duration. A non-stop flight like Air Canada’s Vancouver-Bangkok flight, however, lands directly at the destination after take-off.

Basically, it ensures that the start and end of your holiday are just as comfortable and enjoyable as the holiday itself. Plus, you get to enjoy their award-winning in-flight service. And if you’re an Aeroplan member, you can earn and redeem points on every flight.

vancouver to bangkok flight air canada
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The Air Canada Vancouver-Bangkok flight will run from December 1st, 2022 to mid-April 2023. Meaning you can easily escape the snow and hit the warm beaches. Or plan your ideal spring break.

If you’re a plan-ahead kind of person, you’d be happy to know that tickets are now available. You can book your tickets at the Air Canada website below!