Like us, you’re probably missing the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd at Nat Bailey Stadium. The home of the Vancouver Canadians has not been the home to any baseball games as of late, but if you have a spare grand or two in your pocket you could rent out the stadium for whatever you want.

Nat Bailey Stadium, located in Queen Elizabeth Park, is now available to rent. Yes, the entire space could be yours for whatever your sick little mind can dream up. For $1,500 or $1,900, you can rent out the whole park for either two or three hours for whatever purpose you want.

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Grab a few buddies and have that baseball game you weren’t able to have this summer, have a picnic on a honest-to-goodness baseball field, or just sit there and do nothing like the Mr. Moneybags you are.

There are some COVID-19 restrictions like limits on group size and limits on things like food and beverages. We think following the few rules in place is worth the chance to run home base as many times as you can in 2 hours, but that’s just our take.

For the interested, you can check out the Vancouver Canadians website right here. Just act fast because there is limited availability!