Happy Monday, nature lovers! And we’ve got some good news to share with you, since reservations for BC campsites officially opened this morning! Ready for even more good news? The site hasn’t crashed, and you can still make your dream reservation for that ‘always sold out’ spot.

That’s because reservations are capped on a two-month rolling window. So, today (March 8th) you can reserve up until May 8th, tomorrow May 9th, and so on… Don’t have anywhere specific in mind? There are still campsites available, even if you want to get out in the next few weeks!

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There are a few more things to keep in mind when booking, ranging from local health restrictions to the number of campsites needed. But, this article is more to let you know that you can make the booking. If you want to learn more about BC Parks response to COVID-19, just click this link.

Aside from that, enjoy your time out in nature at some BC campsites this spring and summer, folks! We know that we will.