In case you don’t know, the wildly popular YouTuber and influencer. MrBeast, has launched a pretty successful string of ghost kitchen burgers across the USA. Now, this trendy American spot has made its way to Canada, available in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. Let’s check it out!

MrBeast Burger has a wide selection of, you guessed it, burgers at your fingertips. Their eats are topped with plenty of ingredients, with tons of flavour combos available. Apparently, MrBeast also named the burgers after his closest friends, which is a pretty baller move if you ask us.

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So what’s a ghost kitchen? We’re glad you asked. Instead of opening a physical store here, the MrBeast Burger chain is going virtual, operating out of pre-existing kitchens and running purely online. Customers can hit up the app or catch it on UberEats in their respective cities.

Now, we haven’t given the MrBeast burger a try, but it was so popular in the States that fans created a petition to bring it up north. Well, the campaign worked! You can now find MrBeast burgers on UberEats in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary. We can’t wait to check it out!