To the rest of the world, we might look like Anne Hathaway before Julie Andrews brought in her team of highly skilled eyebrow waxers, but in the comfort of our own home – we are absolutely the Princess of Genovia and we think it’s about time that we live like it. Just an hour west of the city of Calgary lies a place for wannabes like us, where, if only for a few days, we can dine, sleep and lounge just like royalty. Crowns at the ready! Airbnb’s Grand Castle on Ghost Lake is what we can only describe as enchanting. 

This dream is a wish your heart made while you were passed out on the couch at 3 pm on a Tuesday during Quarantine.

With monster bedrooms and a capacity of 16 people, guests can start their morning on a full-sized tennis court, their afternoons at the private indoor pool, their evenings in the grand library, and then their nights in a California king nestled in silk sheets.

The grand castle is exactly that, with 13,000 magical square feet of chandeliers, unnecessarily large staircases, and expensive drapery.

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In addition to the indoor pool, guests will also have access to a games room, where they can play pool, foosball, or air hockey,  and an 18 seat movie theatre, complete with red velvet chairs.

We’ll admit that the decor is a little dated but it’s incredibly charming, also with so many amenities, the tile should be the last thing on your mind.

Now, let’s talk turkey. The price on this place, as you can imagine is a tad higher than your run of the mill shared 1 bedroom basement suite in some Alberta city. Depending on your selected vacation dates it’ll run you about $2,500 a night, but split between a group of your friends, it’ll cost peanuts!

For the original listing, you can check it out here! Monogrammed robe, pipe, and tiara not included.


Where: Rocky View County, Alberta