Something magical is coming our way this fall and you’ll want to have your wand and spellbook at the ready. A Wizards Festival is taking place near Toronto this November, complete with a bewitching train ride adventure on the Hallows Express.

Come dressed in your Hogwarts attire for a fun-filled day of “interactive shows, potions classes, an ancient cursed maze, magic shows, and workshops on how to defend yourself against the Dark Enemy,” says the event’s description. You’ll even get to wander through an Enchanted Alley!

The fun continues as you embark on a thrilling journey on a train, where you’ll be tasked with a mission worthy of Harry Potter himself.

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With the help of your fellow passengers and the professors on board, you’ll have to figure out how to foil the escape plan of two evil sorcerers in GOODWOODORA Prison. Only time will tell if you have what it takes to succeed.

The train trip takes 1 hour and must be purchased separately from your ticket to the festival grounds. You have several times to choose from between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at Uxbridge Station. Regular admission to the festival grants you 5 hours of access.

Costumes are totally optional, if you’d rather not dress the part. The event is happening just outside of the city at the York-Durham Heritage Railway.

We could have more wizard-themed attractions coming out way pretty soon in Toronto. A 20,000 sq ft Harry Potter exhibition is said to be coming to cities all over North America in 2022, and hopefully, we’re among the chosen ones!


Where: 19 Railway St, Uxbridge
When: November 6th — November 7th