‘Tis the season for sunny morning hikes and new adventures! Springtime is here and with warmer weather in the forecast, Albertans are gearing up to go hit the hills, mountains and valleys that make the Rockies so unique. Of course, choosing where you’ll head first is the hardest part so we figured we’d share a hidden gem that will send shivers up your spine. Looking for something a little bit different? Check out ‘The Vault’ a real cold war bunker in Heart Creek, Kananaskis.

Rated as an ‘easy’ hike by AllTrails.com, this eerie destination was actually constructed in 1969.

The large dark tunnel, which is carved into the limestone under Mount McGillivray was originally meant to protect government records from nuclear destruction during the Cold War. According to CBC, the caved tunnels are actually quite long, with the main tunnel going more than 55 metres into the mountain, with another tunnel more than 40 metres deep branching off from the main tunnel just after the entrance.

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Obviously, the Cold War bunker was never actually completed and now it’s just a really cool place for a leisurely stroll for those who don’t want to drive all the way to Banff. If you do plan on taking a look at the shallow caves, a flashlight (and a hiking buddy, of course) are good things to remember.

To get there from Calgary, leash up your furry friends, call up a friend, and head west on Highway 1 for 86 km. Once you get to exit 105, turn left and continue straight until you reach the Heart Creek Parking Lot.

And if you’re leaving from Edmonton, you’re looking at about 3.5 hours of driving into Kananaskis and the directions can be found here.


Where: Directions from Calgary here