We already know that supporting local is the need of the hour. We are also aware that bee conservation is quintessential to our survival. What we did not know was that we can help both these causes merely by drinking what is easily one of the best holiday concoctions of all time, the Golden Dram Cocktail, crafted with Aberfeldy‘s 12-year single malt whisky. Intrigued?

Here’s the thing- Back in 2018, Aberfeldy launched its Barrels & Bees sustainable initiative. With this program the whisky brand aimed at protecting bees and educating people about the importance of bees to the ecosystem and also the benefits of honey. Yup, we were impressed too. But there’s more!

aberfeldy bee booze
Photo via Aberfeldy

This year they expanded the program to support and promote local beekeepers and honey producers. What they’re doing is uniting local apiaries with bartenders (in bars and at home) so that the latter can find quality honey to create their libations while also supporting the local economy. Now here’s where the iconic Golden Dram Cocktail comes into the picture.

Aberfeldy has collabed with Alberta-based Chinook Honey to bring us the Golden Dram Cocktail which is essentially a classic Old Fashioned with an exciting (and sort of festive) twist. So, when you’re having this cocktail, you are also supporting Chinook Honey and contributing to the conservation of the bee population.

To mix this beaut of a bevy, you can either get the exact recipe off of the Aberfeldy website or you can watch the following minute (or so)-long video. Better yet, do them both!

Who could have thought enjoying a boozy drink could get even more soul-satisfying, eh?

Head over to The Living room, Merchants, Flores and Pine, or One18 Empire to enjoy the Golden Dram Cocktail, or grab a bottle of Aberfeldy 12 to make your own!