The only thing better than ice cream on a hot summer day is FREE ice cream on a hot summer day. And thanks to Alberta Milk, you can enjoy some free ice cream this weekend.

Frankly, we don’t really need a reason or a season to enjoy a scoop of ice cream or two. It’s officially an all-time fave for the whole (almost) of planet Earth. And it, sure as hell, is the best way to beat the summer heat.


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And if you enjoy licking a scoop while taking in lake views or taking on water sports, you are in for a treat. Literally! Alberta Milk, the non-profit organization that represents Alberta’s dairy farmers, is giving away free ice cream at Pigeon Lake from July 29th-31st. 

The organization is currently running a cool summer initiative, Smash in Case of Summer. The initiative is to remind us of all the ways we love our milk. Think chocolate, cake, crème brûlée, cheese, yogurt and a gazillion more. Including, of course, the covetable ice cream.

ICYMI, Alberta Milk has been giving out free ice cream every weekend through July at Lake Sylvan. And they’re now doing the same at Pigeon Lake! 

alberta milk free ice cream pigeon lake
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So, if you need a fun weekend complete with a delicious free treat, we suggest you drive down to the lake. Whether you like your ice cream scooped in a cup or twirled over a waffle cone, plain or flavoured, Alberta Milk has you covered.

Oh, and check out the Smash Milk website if you’re looking for some great yet easy recipes to cool off this summer.