It’s lunchtime you forgot to eat breakfast and for whatever reason, you find yourself in the NE. Where are you going? Not sure? Well, here’s some food for thought! How about Seniore’s Pizza for a single slice of life-altering pie.

With a traditional menu and pizzaiolos that literally wandered the streets of Italy to find the best ingredients, this little shop is a must-hit for any self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur living or visiting Calgary.

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The best part? Other than the fact that everything they serve is delish? Their $3 jumbo slice meal.

Now, when we say ‘jumbo’ we really mean it. These slices are easily bigger than your head and they’re even cheaper than a cup of so-so coffee.

Whether you choose to build your own or you select one of their specialty pizzas (we’d 1000% recommend the donair) you will not leave this place disappointed.

Not craving Za? Well, we hurt for you, but also they’ve got a ton of other eats too! From wings and wraps to salads and mozzarella sticks Seniore’s will have you guys taken care of. You won’t regret it! Unless your lactose intolerant.. then… good luck but enjoy! It’ll be the best worst decision you’ve made in a while.


Where: 176 Bedford Dr. NE #7, Calgary