Looking for a truly nutty addition to your Thanksgiving dinner this year? How about a 3.4-pound Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Yes, you read that correctly it’s a real thing and it’s being marketed as a pie. The nuttiest pie ever… ready to get your hands on it? Let’s check it out.

The whopping nine-inch pie is being released by Hershey for Thanksgiving. It’s intended to be cut into 48 servings which equals 7,680 calories (if you’re wondering). Now the catch is that only 3,000 of them are available and they’re currently sold out.

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That being said, because this is the largest Reese’s Cup released by the company and the fact that it’s so over the top, they might just drop some more. Because come on, doesn’t everyone deserve to have a Reese Cup pie this year? But if they don’t release more you could just get really crafty and make your own.

The pies retailed for $44.99 plus tax and you can check them out here. If you’re really bummed about missing out on them you can still score 1 pound of Reese’s Cups on Hershey’s website and all sorts of other holiday goodies.