You know it’s a great time to dust off those travel bags when your out-of-this-world stay cuts your adventure expense down by half. Yes, that just happened. No, we aren’t kidding.

The themed Fantasyland hotel in Edmonton, which is part of North America’s largest mall, the iconic West Edmonton Mall, recently dropped the deal of the year. They debuted what they are calling the Sleepover Pass that gives you a flat 50% discount on entertainment and amusement activities in the WEM (*terms and conditions apply!). And as we already know, there are countless of these attractions to enjoy from roller coaster rides to waterslides to mini-golf to Ice Palace to Marine Life. You can experience the adventures at half the price, all while staying at Fantasyland Hotel.

edmonton waterpark
Photo via Fantasyland Hotel

While the Sleepover Pass is definitely the nudge we needed to give in to our weekend getaway cravings, the highlight of the hotel continues to be its dreamy rooms. The great news is that in addition to their usual wow-inducing themed rooms (Roman, Igloo, Polynesian and more), Fantasyland is now boasting 3 newer rooms- the Princess room, the Space room and the Pirate room.

space room
Photo via Fantasyland Hotel

So whether you want to sleep in a pirate’s den or wake up to the wonders of space, Fantasyland has an immersive experience to match your taste. Fair warning though, we’re calling dibs on the Pirate room.

fantasyland hotel
Photo via Fantasyland Hotel

If the themed rooms have fooled you into thinking this is not a couples destination, allow us to paint you a picture: You and the spouse have checked into the Luxury Canadian Cabin room. You settle in and head down to the city’s largest convoy of over 100 eateries. Then indulge in some retail therapy because why not. And finally, head back to your room to dip in your private jacuzzi while sipping on a pinot. Need we say more?

Clearly, this ‘out of the world’ staycation is the perfect kickstart to our post-pandemic travelogue. Ready to get going? Book directly through Fantasyland Hotel to purchase the Ultimate Sleepover Pass now!