Whether you’ve been enjoying warm weather or battling the deep freeze this winter, it’s hard to deny the temptation of a fresh cup of coffee for $1. A&W most certainly got that memo, since it’s announced that it will be selling cups of coffee for just a buck for the rest of the winter. The deal has already kicked off, so here’s what to know about it!

Announced over the weekend, the promotion will be in effect at all A&W locations across Canada. What’s more, the $1 coffee deal applies to any size, not just smalls. That’s right, no buying 3 in succession just to get your daily dose of that sweet, sweet nectar.

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It’s also the longest timeframe that the promotion has run. Basically, in effect for the next two and a half months, the $1 coffee deal will officially end on March 15th, 2022. Which is, by the way, just five days away from the official end of the season, so we feel comfortable making the ‘for the rest of the winter’ claim.

As a final little bonus, besides the price, A&W only uses Fairtrade certified coffee, which means it’s grown organically, using ecologically sustainable practices, and with properly compensated farmers. So, you can feel good swinging by anytime!