Picture this: a warm summer evening, twinkling lights, and not a care in the world. That’s just what you’ll get at this amazing outdoor event. This July, you can head about an hour and a half east of Toronto to Ohsweken, Ontario for the beautifully dazzling Lights Festival. As long as COVID-19 restrictions at the time allow it, you’ll be in for a magical event.

So the Lights Festival is an annual evening all about creating memories that’ll last. You’ll seriously feel like you’re in a movie at this gorgeous outing. As their event description says, you’ll put your inhibitions to the side and dreams to the sky when you release your twinkling lantern into the air.

Although the Ohsweken location is the only confirmed date, The Lights Festival website features vouchers for both Toronto and Ottawa events in 2021. Obviously, those will heavily depend on how the pandemic situation is shaping up in future months.

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So, whether you’re heading out of town or waiting for Toronto’s own event, here’s what to expect! At the Lights Festival, you’ll get the chance to literally and figuratively light the fire within. This evening is all about letting go of your fears and embracing your true self, which sounds like something we could all use right now. Each ticket includes the lanterns and marker you’ll need to participate in the event.

So let’s all cross our fingers the world is a little safer by the time July rolls around. After the year and a half we’ve had, we’d love nothing more than to light up the night sky with some gorgeous lanterns, and feel a fresh new post-COVID world come our way.


Where: Johnson Farm, 3721 4th Line, Ohsweken, ON
When: Saturday, July 31st