While it’s fun to look at multi-million dollar inner-city mansions, sometimes it’s also nice to see what the road less travelled has to offer. Craving a lifestyle switch? Look no further than this BC property for sale, which comes with its own 9-hole golf course for you. Let’s check it out!

wells gray

The property is called the Wells Gray Golf Resort and RV Park. Located an hour and a half north of Kamloops, the property offers hundreds of acres of pristine BC wilderness, and actually backs onto a provincial park (which is perfect for exploring). But, you can get a cabin for less than the $2M asking price that Wells Gray has. You just don’t get all the amenities that this has.

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rv park

As it currently stands, the Golf Resort only operates in the summer, but manages to make a tidy little sum each year ($250k+ is claimed). Alongside the golf course, there’s also an RV park, which you could choose to leave running, or clear the space for more golf holes.

golf course sale

We’re thinking the latter. In fact, we think you should chat with all your friends about this option. Round up a down payment, establish yearly dues, get another 9-holes created for a little more money, and voila! Your own private golf resort, with some of the most exclusive memberships in the country.

wells gray golf resort

We looked around, and we’ve yet to see a golf course that has the same setup. Sure, you can buy a share at a prestigious course and pay yearly dues, but that’s with what? Like 8-900 other people? Pfft, you might as well be on a municipal course, sorry Capilano.

bc golf course sale

To check out this fixer-upper of a golf course for sale in BC (and heck, maybe even make a bid), just click this link!