An exciting festival is returning to downtown Toronto this summer! Yorkville Murals will bring all kinds of fun to our city this August, including fun games, street parties, and — you guessed it — captivating murals!

Described as an “electrifying explosion of creativity and joy,” this festival will transform 50,000 square feet of concrete jungle into a “remarkable weekend of arts and entertainment.”

The free festival invites all visitors to play and connect in this immersive cultural wonderland while unleashing their inner artist, dancer, and dreamer.

The event will take place on Yorkville Avenue between Bellair Street and Hazelton Avenue. In the Murals Courtyard, you’ll step into a colourful world of seven giant artistic works.

A live DJ will perform inside a Hummer truck and break dancers will dazzle audiences with amazing moves.

There will also be a mini golf course, life-sized chess and tic-tac-toe, as well as live painting areas where you can channel your artistic flair.

The festival will feature giant inflatable sculpture over the rooftop of Majesty’s Pleasure, and contemporary sculptures will line the streets.

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There will even be a block-long game of hopscotch that will be free and accessible 24/7 throughout the festival weekend.

As you might remember from previous years, a giant block party will take place at the Cumberland Parkade from 5 PM to 11 PM on August 26th.

“Dance the night away under the stars with free DJs, captivating entertainment, and an electrifying open-air atmosphere,” the description says.

There will be several DJs performing throughout the evening and you can secure tickets in advance online.

All of that is just scratching the surface of everything to see, do, and experience at Yorkville Murals.

If you love arts, entertainment, and outdoor summer fun, you’ll experience it all in one place and in one action-packed weekend!

Yorkville Murals

When: August 26th to 27th, 2023
Where: Yorkville Avenue from Bellair Street to Hazelton Avenue