The Yayoi Kusama exhibit that took Toronto by storm a few years back is now a permanent fixture at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), and it reopens to the public this month.

The AGO has announced that Kusama’s infinity mirrored room, called Let’s Survive Forever, will open its doors to the general public on June 22.

Members of the AGO will have early access to the exhibit on June 14.

Kusama’s infinity mirrors are internationally-acclaimed and have been a hugely popular attraction in cities worldwide, including Toronto.

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The AGO’s exhibit features “mirrored spheres suspended from the ceiling and arranged on the floor,” according to the description.

“A mirrored column inside the room invites visitors to peer into a seemingly infinite field of silver orbs.”

The various reflections in the room create a fascinating view, allowing you to see yourself from infinite angles.

This room was not part of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit that debuted back in 2018, but it’s equally as fascinating.

Four people are allowed to enter the exhibit every 60 seconds to explore the room and take photos. You can book your timed entry to the exhibit in advance.


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Let’s Survive Forever is the biggest mirrored room of Kusama’s career and has been a permanent exhibit on the second floor of the AGO since 2019.

If you’ve only seen it in photos, this month is your chance to finally experience it in person.