It’s that time again! Cannabis enthusiasts in Edmonton are in for a treat this Thursday as the world’s largest joint is set to be rolled in the city on 4/20.

The record-breaking creation is actually a “joint” effort between Alberta cannabis dispensary AB BUD and Alberta Bud, a micro-craft cannabis grower.

In celebration of AB BUD’s new Edmonton location, the two cannabis companies will roll a mega-doobie that would make Snoop Dogg’s jaw drop.

“This massive doobie is sure to draw a crowd and delight cannabis enthusiasts from all over Edmonton and beyond,” says a press release about the event. 

At the fun-filled grand opening event, visitors will have the chance to get a picture taken with the giant doobie.

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“We know that 420 is a special day for cannabis lovers, and we wanted to do something big to mark the grand opening. Rolling the world’s largest doobie seemed like the perfect way to celebrate,” said Alberta Bud co-owner Tim Mallett.

The epic joint will be on display throughout the entire event from 12 PM to 8 PM, and admission is totally free.

The event doesn’t specify whether attendees will have the chance to take a puff of the giant doobie. Although, it’s safe to say that cannabis use is highly encouraged!

This will definitely be a sight to behold, so if you can’t pass up the opportunity to feast your eyes on the world’s largest joint, you know where to go!

AB BUD & Alberta Bud World’s Largest Joint

When: April 20th, 2023, 12 PM to 8 PM
Where: 16118 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton