We’ve got some big news, sports fans! Earlier today, both the World Rugby Sevens and Rugby Canada announced that they are trying to bring back the tournament to Vancouver later this year. The stop would be part of a condensed schedule, with Vancouver’s tournament happening sometime in September. Here’s a quick rundown.

According to the Rugby Canada press release, the organizers are working ‘with all relevant parties’ to finalize the dates for the tournament. Unfortunately, the women’s tournament, which would have taken place in Langford on Vancouver Island, are not feasible this year.

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No comment was made, by either Rugby Canada or World Rugby, about whether or not they’re trying to get fans back in the stands. Weirdly, last year’s Rugby Sevens tournament was like the absolute final major event in Vancouver, ending just days before lockdowns started to roll out. Pretty weird to think about, we know.

However, we want Rugby Sevens back in Vancouver, if only for selfish reasons. We can absolutely see ourselves enjoying a couple of games on the TV if we have to. We’ll keep you updated if any more information is released,