Alberta and its residents hold some wacky world records from the longest wheelie ever completed on a bicycle to ‘fossil with the longest neck,’ but this one has to be the most delicious! As of yesterday, The folks at the Romero Distilling Co., in Calgary are now the proud mixologists behind World’s largest Cuba Libre cocktail ever made. Iconic. 

Weighing in at 1,000 litres, Romero’s mega sip was said to be the equivalent of 8,000 cocktails – and successfully beat the previous record by 500 litres.

“Romero’s GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Largest Cuba Libre Cocktail, which filled the four-foot cubed glass, was made with the perfect ratio of Romero’s award-winning rum, lime juice and cola,” said co-owner, Tom Romero in a press release.

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“By using quality locally-sourced ingredients, we have not only made the world’s Largest Cuba Libre Cocktail but also quite possibly the most delicious one yet.”

If you’d like to taste test their version of the cocktail for yourself (or any of their many many spirits) the Romero tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday at the address below.

We can’t guarantee it’ll break any records, but we’re sure it’ll taste fantastic.


Where: Suite 300, 688 Heritage Drive SE