Raise your hand if you’ve been working from home for a year. Now keep your hand raised if you’ve been struggling to find a work-life balance. You might now be able to see everyone’s arms in the air, but we can assure you that there’s a whole lot of them. For this reason, the Canadian Government may modernize labour laws, including a ‘right to disconnect’ regulation.

This ‘Right to disconnect’ would set boundaries between employers and employees and would improve expectations around the use of cellphones after you’ve punched out for the day.

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In addition to this, the GOC is also thinking of introducing what they’re calling ‘gig work’ in federally regulated sectors. This new concept would see the regulation of shorter-term contract work, which would allow people to complete one-off tasks through digital platforms.

Now, of course, this all wouldn’t happen overnight. First, they’d actually like our opinion! Whether you’re for or against these new protections, the government has launched an online consultation and is encouraging everyone to participate!

If you’d like to have your voice heard, you can visit their website here. It only takes a few minutes and could make a huge difference. Check it out!