They are practical. They are affordable. They are flexible. They are fun. It isn’t hard to guess why coworking spaces in Calgary are becoming more and more popular. And one coworking space in Calgary has garnered a lot of attention for all the right reasons. Enter: Workhaus!

With hybrid work cultures, companies now want the flexibility to be able to upsize or downsize based on requirements without being stuck into a long-term contract. But it isn’t just the companies that benefit from Workhaus’ pretty and unboring coworking spaces. And below are a few of the many reasons Calgarians are ditching traditional offices and home offices for Workhaus’ elevated spaces.

Workhaus coworking spaces in Calgary
Photos via Workhaus

Location & Amenities

One of the primary reasons Workhaus is a top choice when it comes to coworking spaces in Calgary is the sheer convenience of its location and the amenities it offers. Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, Workhaus is connected to the +15 and is steps from the C-Train, Stephen Ave, The Core Shopping Centre and more. Plus, you can use its other 11 locations across Canada too. Then there are the offices themselves which are beautifully designed and come with high-speed internet, customizable IT services and complimentary coffee and tea. Plus, you can enjoy a mailing address and mail handling too.

Maximized Productivity

Another amazing thing is that Workhaus offers a variety of workspaces that cater to different work styles. So, you’re not stuck in a monotonous, boring-looking workspace and your productivity doesn’t suffer. From experience, we can confirm your productivity is at its max. All Workhaus locations offer lounges, breakout spaces, phone rooms and kitchens, where members can work productively.

Coworking spaces in Calgary Workhaus
Photos via Workhaus

Team Bonding Opportunities

So, we already established that Workhaus has a ton of workspaces these include meeting rooms and event spaces that are perfect for team bonding activities. Strategize with colleagues, hold client meetings or simply get some much-needed face-time with your largely work-from-home team.

Networking & Collabs

In addition to bonding with your team, Workhaus is also a great place to network. It has an awesome and diverse community of individuals and businesses. As a member, you can network and collaborate with others to grow your business and connections.

Workhaus Calgary
Photo via Workhaus

Fun Social & Professional Events

Workhaus hosts some seriously fun social events on the regular. Think mimosa breakfasts, marina parties and member socials, to elevate your work experience. Moreover, it is one of the few coworking spaces in Calgary that hosts professional events. Off the top of our heads: Telus’ 100K Small Business Challenge, Rainforest Alberta, Creatives and Cocktails Networking Event, Founder Institute, and more. These events are also great places to network BTW.

Desk Booking System

Workhaus offers a brilliant desk booking system. So, companies can schedule and rotate different staff members throughout the office. This ensures that all team members can access the workspace, regardless of their schedules and increases flexibility.

Workhaus Calgary
Photos via Workhaus

Flexible Terms & Membership Options

In addition to all the other perks, Workhaus also offers flexible terms with no long-term contracts required. So, you can adapt as your business needs change. The coworking space also offers a variety of membership options. These range from open concept desking to large private team offices for 12+ staff members.

Clearly, Workhaus is worth all the hype it has created. With its variety of workspaces, events, and amenities, this coworking space in Calgary has everything you need to grow your business and be productive.

Head over to the Workhaus website below for more info about them and their spaces.


606 4th Street W, Calgary