It’s hard to believe but fall is just around the corner, which means the chilly season won’t be too far behind. And thanks to the Farmers’ Almanac, we now have some insight into what we can expect when it finally arrives and it has dropped its winter forecast.

Though it’s short and (bitter) sweet, the Winter 2024 Extended Weather Forecast for Canada has us pretty confident in our pre-made decision to stay in with a hot cup of cocoa and some Hallmark movies.

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“Winter officially starts on Wednesday, December 21, 2023, but cold temperatures will blow in before then,” they explain.

“Yes, predicting the weather that far in advance has its risks, and at times, nature likes to remind us that she has the last word. But we do our best with the tools we have to offer you both these summary seasonal outlooks and zoned forecasts.”

So what should you prepare for in your region?



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According to their report – those in the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) will experience icy temperatures – with the more central communities being hit harder than the rest. Luckily, snowfall will be average at best!

Look ahead to February, winter warriors in the Prairies and around the Rockies should also get be ready for heavy mountain snow.



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If, however, you love making angels or forts, FA recommends heading to the Great Lakes region, where above-normal amounts of the white stuff will cover the ground. As for the temperature? Western Ontario will also experience frigid days and nights come wintertime.

As for advisories that they’ve issued for the area? Those on the Pacific Coast, Ontario Quebec and in the Maritimes should prepare to see what they’re calling a ‘mix of rain, sleet and snow’ come the second week of January.

Also, a white easter seems possible for southern Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, so keep an eye on March!

British Columbia


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Live in British Columbia? You can look forward to near-normal temperatures when the snow starts to fall, though if you’re on the West Coast, precipitation will be fairly wet!

In addition to this, they’ve also issued a few advisories for Provinces on the East Coast!

If you’re in or travelling to Quebec or the Maritimes, dress warm and keep your plans to a minimum as there will likely be a storm that hits the second week of February that could be followed by a wave of frigid air.

Photo via The Farmers’ Almanac

But there you have it!

On the bright side, we’ve still got plenty of sun to look forward to, so don’t dwell on anything quite yet. It’s hardly pumpkin spice season!

Enjoy the sun while it shines – but keep this upcoming winter forecast in mind when you’re planning for the future. Plus, who knows – this could all change in an instant. We do live in Canada, after all!