We might have a little bit of summer left, but that’s not stopping us from talking about the first winter forecast to come out for Canada. As always, the Farmers’ Almanac is on the ball, giving us a little preview of what’s to come in the months ahead. In a nutshell? It’s looking pretty chilly.

Starting out west, British Columbia might have the most mild winter in the country. There, residents can look forward to ‘brisk temperatures’ paired with ‘average precipitation’, which does bode well for those looking to get a little skiing in.

Moving east, the prairie provinces are in for a seriously chilly winter. For this part of the country, the Farmers Almanac is using some pretty strong words, including ‘glacial’ and ‘snow-filled’. In a nutshell, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will become a ‘hibernation zone’. Yay!

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As for Quebec and Ontario, things aren’t looking much better. With an active ‘storm track’ just below, the provinces are in for an ‘unreasonably’ and ‘very’ cold winter, with either average or above-average precipitation in the forecast. So not as bad as the prairies, but still no walk in the park.

Which brings us to the Maritime provinces. Located south of that same storm track, these provinces will face ‘significant shivers’, with ‘wintry mix’ storms bringing everything from rain to snow to sleet.

So yeah, we might have a tough winter ahead Canada, if this forecast holds true. Oh well- all the more reason to make the most of the next few months!