It might have been Cincinnati against Los Angeles yesterday, but that didn’t stop Will Ferrell from sporting some BC Lions gear to Super Bowl LVI. Aside from just showing off some great style, Ferrell might have also been wearing the outfit just to dunk on another famous actor- Ryan Reynolds.

The two actors ended up watching the game together and managed to snap a pic or two to commemorate the get-together. Of course, the prominent orange colourway probably meant that Ferrell was hoping the Cincinnati Bengals would come out on top. But hey, when you’re rockin’ BC Lions gear, everyone walks away a winner.

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Ferrell even managed to show off some CFL knowledge, as Reynolds’ caption says “Will keeps asking me why there’s a fourth down”. Listen pal, your guess is as good as ours, but we think that you might find the answer if you team up with another CFL-loving celeb- Snoop Dogg…


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We wish you both the best of luck in uncovering these time-honoured mysteries…