It’s no secret to most that Stanley Tumbler Cups were one of the hottest items of 2023, and the craze isn’t dying out in 2024!

Videos and TikToks have been shared all over the internet of these trendy cups selling out fast at stores all over the United States – but what about in Canada? If you’re looking to add a Stanley Cup to your collection, we have you covered.

Here are 7 spots where you can shop for a Stanley Cup in Canada.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters isn’t just for cool and trendy outfits – they sell the beloved Stanley Tumbler! If you live near a location you may be lucky enough to snag one but otherwise, you can order one off their website. You’ll have to be quick though!

Sporting Life

Hiking equipment, outdoor apparel, and most importantly: Stanley Cups. Yep, Sporting Life carries the all-mighty Stanley. Whether it’s in-store or online, grab one before they’re gone.


This popular sporting goods store also carries Stanley Cups – phew! Check out any of their stores in person or order online, either way that Stanley is all yours!

This Canadian website sells all things health, beauty and wellness, so of course, Stanley Tumbler Cups are a part of their inventory. even has multiple colour options for whatever mood you’re feeling.

Walmart Canada

Stanley Cup lovers – Walmart has your back. Walmart Canada sells Stanley Tumblers and while they fly off the shelves in-store, you can try to snag one on their website!


Anthropologie only has 12 stores across the country, so if you don’t live nearby one we recommend checking out their website where you can find the Stanley Tumbler Cup in all its glory.


NEON is another spot with only a handful of locations, all located in Toronto or Montreal, so if you aren’t nearby then head to their website and order yourself a Stanley Cup.

Go ahead and treat yourself to the ultimate way to sip your drinks. Happy shopping!