It’s been a pretty great Olympics for Canada this year between Andre de Grasse, Damian Warner, the women’s rowing team, and a whole bunch more. With 5 gold medals, 5 silver, and 8 bronze, Canada has racked up 18 medals total. Tomorrow, August 6th, the Canadian women’s soccer team is going to make that number 19 as they duke it out for gold with Sweden.

After beating the US women’s soccer for the first time in 20 years, Canada is moving on to play Sweden in the tournament final at Yokohama Stadium tomorrow. Sweden entered the tournament ranked as the fifth-best team in the world according to FIFA standings, while Canada is ranked 8th. Despite Canada being an underdog on paper,  beating the US may be enough of a morale boost for them to come up on top.

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How to Watch

So what’s the deal with the game? After some heat concerns prompted both teams to appeal to the IOC to allow for a time change, the final has been moved around a bit. Right now, the game will take place at 9:00 PM Tokyo time and 8:00 AM ET in Canada on CBC. If you’re looking to stream the final,  hit up the CBC Tokyo 2020 website. You can also see exactly what sports will be covered by the hour if you feel like binging the competition.

It’s also worth noting that by making it to the final, Canada has become the third nation to win medals at three successive women’s team tournaments at the Olympics (2012 to 2021). Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this next one is gold.

Canada vs. Sweden – Women’s Soccer Olympic Gold Medal Game

When: Saturday, August 6th at 8:00 AM EST
Where: CBC or online here