Vancouver Pride’s 2021 season is well under way, folks! And, alongside dozens of fantastic virtual and in-person events, a modified Vancouver Pride Parade is set to return this weekend. If you’re looking to join on the festivities, then keep reading!

The Vancouver Pride Parade will take place in a ‘decentralized’ format this year. So, instead of the entire community flocking to the West End, the organizers are hoping that smaller groups will bring that same energy to communities around the city! What’s more, a live broadcast is being organized to show off posts featuring the tag #VanPride.

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In addition to sharing user-submitted clips, the stream will also feature a full lineup of local artists over the 2 hours it’s on. It’s basically everything you could ask for from a parade, minus the actual parade. We know, it’s weird, but it’s been a weird year anyway, so we’re excited nonetheless.

On the flipside, if you watch the broadcast you’ll get the chance to answer trivia questions and win prizes! So really, it’s a win-win. Our suggestion? Keep that phoned charged up, so you can see what others are up to while you’re out there yourself!

And most of all have fun this weekend, whatever you decide to do!

Decentralized Pride Parade

When: Sunday, August 1st, 12PM-2PM
Where: Online/Around Vancouver