After postponing it for a year, the city’s new by-laws on single-use plastics are set to take effect starting January 1st, 2022. And, among other measures, you can soon expect a ‘cup tax’ each and every time you opt for a disposable cup in Vancouver. Yeah, your on-the-go coffee just got a little more expensive.

About 25 cents more expensive, to be exact. That’s the new fee that will be applied to every disposable cup used in the city, from coffee to soft drinks to milkshakes. And, as a matter of fact, the money will be kept by the business, so that they can transition towards reusable alternatives. So, it’s technically not a tax, but we think the term is fitting.

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Plastic and compostable bags will also be completely banned starting in the new year, and fees will be applied to both paper ($0.15) and new reusable ($1.00) bags as well. Speaking of plastic stuff, plastic straws will also be banned. And, so will foam cups and containers.

Yeah, it’s a real blanket move, and one that will have a lasting effect on the city. To learn about the new ‘cup tax’ and other measures coming to Vancouver for 2022, you can check out the full rundown on the city’s website.