Big news for those with an incurable case of the travel bug! As announced in a press conference this morning, WestJet has just named Calgary their exclusive aviation hub and will be doubling its services to and from the city over the next decade.

Described by the government and the company as a ‘historic agreement,’ Calgarians should expect more planes, more affordable options and more jobs in the near future.

We can also look forward to new routes from YYC to Europe and possibly Asia, as Calgary will be the only place passengers will be able to connect their flights – according to Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Executive Officer of the WestJet Group.

“This is a blockbuster day for Alberta and a game-changer for our economy,” said Premier Jason Kenney in a press release.

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“By choosing Calgary as its single global hub, locating its entire Dreamliner fleet here, and increasing its annual seat capacity by 80 percent, WestJet will massively improve global connectivity, tourism and options for passengers.”

In addition, the government has committed $73 million to the aviation and tourism industries over the next few years with the hope that the province produces more pilots and even more tourists which would be great for Calgary, so we’ve got our fingers crossed.

“Today is a proud day for our organization as we continue to strengthen our home province with four distinct advantages: affordability, sustainability, infrastructure and people,” added Hoensbroech.


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“This agreement is a testament to WestJet’s commitment to our global hub airport in Calgary, as investments like this can only occur under the right commercial and operational environments. YYC Calgary International Airport is providing us that confidence and with these investments, Calgary can become North America’s most connected mid-sized city.”

For more information about this pricy deal you can visit the government website here, otherwise – enjoy, friends.

Calgary’s tourism industry and travel opportunities are only going to go up from here.