Are you ready to ‘spark’ your career in welding? Pun absolutely intended.

But in all seriousness, you can’t do any better than the leading provider of high-quality welding training in Toronto since 1986, Weldtech Training.

Through their individualized approach, expert instructors, and adaptive curriculum, Weldtech offers exceptional training to jump-start your career and set yourself up for success. 

Photo via Weldtech Training Inc.

Leading Industry Education

It’s hard to learn if you’re not getting the attention you need. Weldtech stands out by maintaining small class sizes and ensuring a student-to-instructor ratio of 8:1 or less. This personalized approach means every student is set up for success.

This Toronto Welding School also ensures the curriculum is always up to date. By making modifications in tune with industry changes, trainees are well-prepared for future job requirements. Weldtech offers different types of welding machines to ensure trainees learn about various power sources, and trainees are also taught basic machine troubleshooting in all related courses.

Expert Instructors

All Weldtech instructors are experienced and highly qualified CWB, TSSA, AWS, and continue to develop their own industry knowledge through ongoing training programs. This ensures that the Weldtech staff continues to hone their welding skills, improve safety, and enhance productivity. In turn, this also means students are always receiving the very best in industry training.

Hear It From A Former Student

We sat down with Patrick Van Dam, a former student at Weldtech, to hear about his experience.

Photo via Weldtech Training Inc.

Q: How has your experience at Weldtech contributed to your current success and career growth in the welding industry?

A: My experience here at Weldtech has helped me a lot in my career growth, mainly because they give us a lot of avenues to go down. They give us options – whether you want to put your focus more on pipework or whether you want to put your focus more on the structural side of the industry. It gives you a lot of opportunities and the ability to choose that path. And that’s important, especially when finding a job out of school. It doesn’t mean you have to be picky. It gives you that opportunity to get a sound footing and start.

Q: Can you share a specific achievement or opportunity you attribute to your education at Weldtech and the training you received?

A: One would be the contacts that you’re able to gain through Weldtech. While you’re here, different companies will be in and out the door. There will just be different employees or employers who may also come in and out of the school. Aside from that, obtaining my TSSA 6G and forming your program into something that best fits you or your interest was huge for me.

Q: What aspects of the program stood out to you as valuable when entering the workforce?

A: The biggest value was allowing us to apply our in-class knowledge in the shop. We’d be able to be out here in the shop putting that knowledge to practical use. And for myself, I’m more of a practical learner. I can absorb information on paper, but using your two hands and putting it together in the shop is huge.

Q: When you were navigating any obstacles or uncertainties during your education or early career stages, what support systems or resources helped you navigate those obstacles?

A: The owner, Phill, is available for a call or email. That has helped me a lot in navigating the industry. The ability to return to Weldtech where you’re most comfortable and recertify when your tickets come due or even to obtain additional certification, whether you need a specific certificate or want to try and certify for a new process.

Q: How has the commitment to maintaining industry accreditations and standards reassured you about the quality and credibility of the education certification?

A: It’s been big for me to learn how to do things properly. Here at Weldtech, they’re big on procedure. You make sure that you know how to read a welding procedure. You know how to follow that procedure to a T and execute it correctly in the field. And that’s something that is absolutely one of the most important things. In the field, when you’re following procedures and welding various steel, it’s a big deal to know how to do that correctly.

Q: Please tell us a little about where you are now and how your career has progressed since completing your education.

A: I own Van Dam Industries, and we do mobile welding, fabrication and millwrighting across Ontario. I started the company while I was still enrolled at Weldtech; we got our start in the agricultural sector,

repairing equipment and grain elevators. And then we ventured out once we were done here at Weldtech to get our company CWB certified by the Bureau, Division Two. And we’ve grown from there. And Weldtech has been a huge part of that to help open our eyes and obtain all our certifications.


Weldtech is dedicated to revolutionizing welding education by providing exceptional training experiences, customized courses, and safe learning. If you’re ready to jump into a dynamic and hands-on career, you can’t do any better than the leading Toronto Welding School.

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