Okay, so… for the most part COVID has completely sucked. However, even on the hardest of days, we’ve had moments of bliss dotted throughout. If nothing else, the last year has been an opportunity to pick up new hobbies and reconnect with our younger selves. Thanks to companies like Nintendo and games like Animal Crossing and Ring Fit Adventure, we’ve been able to reserve that little sanity we had left by embracing our ‘inner child.”

This week, Curiocity actually got the chance to virtually chat with the new face of the Nintendo Switch gaming System, Annie Murphy, best known for playing Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who partially credit our ability to finally get off the couch to gaming, which is both unsuspected and incredibly ironic.

While some have basically considered themselves apart of the community since summer break in ’01, others like Murphy haven’t really picked up a controller since their last middle school sleepover.

With so much time on our hands and games that actually give us the opportunity to connect with our friends and family all over the world, systems like the Nintendo Switch have become a major part of our weekly routines.

Though she said she hadn’t yet organized a Mario Kart match with her fellow Schitt’s Creek co-stars, she said that this would be the perfect opportunity to get everyone together.

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Through all of this and her partnership with the brand, she said she was able to get up, have fun and spend time with friends. Heck, she’s even gone head to head with her mom, Deb, who appears in one of her commercials alongside her.

Her game of choice? Well, Apparently she’s obsessed with Just Dance 2021. “I’m terribly uncoordinated,” she said, adding that she and her friends play the game for the same reason that many might go to karaoke night at the bar… Sometime’s it’s fun to just watch each other be ridiculous. 

In addition to just falling in love with the Switch over the last few months, she also mentioned that it’s pretty cool to see people who never really felt like they were able to enter the space of gaming, do exactly that. “I can relate,” she said, mentioning that she too considers herself relatively new to all of this.

To see the new Nintendo commercial featuring Annie Murphy check out the video above, and as for that question that we know you’re all dying to know the answer to? Yes, she does plan on sending a strongly worded letter to have A Little Bit Alexis added to Just Dance 2022. In fact, she encouraged us to do the same.