This isn’t your average home makeover show. A new series on Discovery+ called We Bought a Funeral Home follows a family who traded their big-city life to renovate a former 1800s funeral home in the rural town of Dresden, Ontario.

The massive 38-room property definitely has the look and feel of a Victorian-era funeral home, but the Blumbergs are determined to transform it into their “macabre masterpiece” dream home.

Described as “maybe haunted” and “definitely eerie” in the trailer, it takes a “special kind of family” to move into a property like this and call it home, and that’s exactly what the Blumbergs are.

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As you’d expect, the family has all kinds of strange encounters and mishaps along the way, like discovering human bones under the floorboards.

They also take on some pretty ambitious and unusual projects, like transforming the casket lift into a bar.

With a $400,000 budget, the family plans to make their dreams a reality through what might be the spookiest DIY reno of all time.

But, that’s exactly what the Blumbergs were looking for when they set out to buy their new home.

“We were struck by the architecture of the home and fell in love instantly,” said Heather Blumberg to CBC.

“We loved it. We knew we wanted to buy it within the first few minutes of being here,” said Arryn Blumberg.

Arryn admits that the 12,000-square-foot home seems “frighteningly large at times.” But, he, Heather, and their two kids are excited by the idea of making it their own.

“It was intense,” said Heather. “There’s no two ways about it. It’s a huge construction project that we had on the go. We had a TV crew with us every single inch of the way.”

From the trailer, it seems like it was as amusing for the family as it was challenging.

The show premiered on October 1st, so there are already a few episodes out that you can watch now on Discovery+.