Even off the ice, Wayne Gretzky continues to place in halls of fame, this time, breaking a million-dollar record that has stood for well over a decade.

Known as the NHLs leading point-scorer, the legend is credited for earning close to 2,000 assists in his 20 professional seasons – rightfully earning him an iconic nickname and a place in the hearts of hockey fans worldwide.

For this reason, people practically flocked to the Grey Flannel auction site this week to see who would snag his last worn Oilers jersey – the one he donned when the team won the 1988 Stanley Cup.

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Photo via Grey Flannel Auctions

Sold for a whopping $1.45 USD (or $1,819,552.02 CAD), Wayne Gretzky’s jersey is officially the most expensive to have ever been old at auction – with the second being Paul Henderson’s 1972 Summit Series sweater which sold for nearly $1.6 million CAD in June 2010.

Described as the most “historically significant jerseys in hockey history, we get the hype – but, you could buy a whole island with that kind of cash. To each their own, we guess!

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Who knows, maybe the buyer will donate it to a museum or something – then we can all enjoy it! That would be worth the money!