If you’ve been chasing waterfalls lately and are on the hunt for more, there’s an Ontario town that is home to some of the most scenic in the region. Though it’s most known for its famous giant Goose monument, Wawa is one of those towns that deserves a visit this fall.

Located just north of Sault Ste. Marie is Wawa, Ontario – a lovely town surrounded by the most scenic natural areas, outdoor experiences, local dining gems, and oddities.

According to Northern Ontario Travel, Wawa Goose has welcomed visitors from around the world since 1963. It’s the largest of its kind in Canada, standing at 28 feet tall, 22 feet long, and a wingspan of 20 feet.

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And it just so happens to be one of the most photographed landmarks in North America. “The first goose was made of plaster and didn’t stand up to the weather,” shares Northern Ontario Travel. “The goose is now made of steel.”

Though this alone may convince you to make the 10-hour trip from Toronto, or 11 from Ottawa, we think the abundance of surrounding waterfalls is a must-see.

Thanks to its proximity to Lake Superior, the Wawa area has a ton of lakes and rivers, including some of the most scenic waterfalls around, according to the town’s site.


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Sand River Falls is an easily accessible waterfall; Scenic High Falls towers 75 feet high and 125 feet wide; Silver Falls can be reached by an easy 100-metre trail and Wawa Creek Falls is an overlooked gem with picturesque falls.

Whichever fall you decide to explore, you can only imagine how stunning they’ll look as fall colours take over the surrounding forests.

This is a trip worth making, especially this season so plan out your next weekend getaway accordingly and check out what Wawa has to offer.