Ontario’s smaller communities are gems that can be adventures at any time of year but in the summer, it’s a thrilling and sun-soaked adventure. One of these must-visit communities that should be on your radar is the charming town of Gravenhurst.

Playfully called “the gateway to Muskoka,” Gravenhurst has a rich history in the region, according to Discover Muskoka.

It is located north of Toronto, about a two-hour drive.

Gravenhurst was incorporated back in 1887, and it was the first incorporated town in Muskoka.

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In the 19th century, the area operated a number of lumber businesses, and as that industry declined, tourism began to grow in the region. And even back then, its now-popular wharf was a hub for transportation activities.

It is home to the oldest operating Steamship in North America, the RMS Segwun and The Wenonah II. That, along with the area’s rich history, can be explored at the Muskoka Discovery Centre.

The best part about Gravenhurst is that you can check out the region over a weekend, or even a day trip!

Besides hopping on the steamship for a scenic cruise on Lake Muskoka, you can explore the historic Muskoka Wharf and stroll along its scenic boardwalk. Along the walk, there are waterfront restaurants, cafes, and local shops.

For those looking for more outdoor experiences, this region has lots of areas for hiking, biking, as well as swimming in summer.

Brydons Bay Trail is a short family-friendly trail wanders through majestic red and white pine, but if you want views, you can check out Peninsula Trail, which also offers gazebos, benches, and places to enjoy the scenery.

It’s a popular destination in the summer and with reason! So whether you’re looking for a day trip adventure or looking for a few days in a scenic Ontario town with a rich history, Gravenhurst should definitely be on your list.