Add something a little more enchanting to your bucket list! The Water Lantern Festival is coming to Toronto, a chance to see thousands of lanterns glow around you during what’s described as an experience that brings “therapeutic power”.

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The festival is taking place on September 21st at Downsview Park!

“The Water Lantern Festival is filled with fun, happiness, hope, and great memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. This is a family-friendly event that can be shared by everyone. Friends, families, neighbours, and lots of people that you haven’t met can come together to create a peaceful, memorable experience,” says the event page.

The experience is personal to each guest as there’s a time slot to design your lantern.

Guests are encouraged to write a wish, a hope, a dream, or something they’re thankful for and let it go into the water.

Tickets start at $38.75 per adult and come with:

  • Wristband for entry into the festival area with access to food trucks
  • Floating lantern kit
  • LED candle
  • Commemorative drawstring bag
  • Conversation cards
  • Playing cards
  • Marker
  • Lantern retrieval and water clean-up

Don’t worry about littering as the ticket price covers the cost of collecting and removing the lanterns from the water following the event and cleaning up any trash that “may have been previously in or around the water.”

The festival’s website states tickets are expected to sell fast so if you’re hoping to attend, grab yours ASAP!

The Water Lantern Festival Toronto

When: September 21st, 2024 (gates open at 4:00 PM)
Where: Downsview Park, 70 Canuck Ave
Cost: $38.75+ per ticket