We all know that Washingtonians love their coffee. But how long could they go without it? Craft Coffee Spot conducted a survey across the United States to find out just how long people can go without drinking coffee or alcohol. Let’s check out how Washington fares.

The survey was conducted in various states across the country, and the results provide some interesting insights into the drinking habits of Americans.

The survey found that the average American can go 11 days without a cup of coffee. That’s pretty surprising considering that coffee is a popular beverage that is consumed by millions of people worldwide. What’s more, it’s basically a cultural icon here in Seattle thanks to companies like Starbucks. 

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Photo via Craft Coffee Spot

Here are the five states where residents can go the LONGEST without a cup of coffee:

  1. Idaho: 20 days
  2. Nevada: 19 days
  3. Wisconsin: 17 days
  4. Arizona: 16 days
  5. Alabama: 15 days

Here are the five states where residents can go the SHORTEST without a cup of coffee:

  1. New Hampshire: 2 days
  2. Alaska: 2 days
  3. Hawaii: 2 days
  4. Maine: 3 days
  5. Connecticut: 6 days

Regarding our state, the survey revealed that Washingtonians can go 5-11 days without coffee.

In contrast, the survey found that the majority of respondents can go 20 days before they need a drink with our state sitting in the 20-25 day range. This means that combined, Washingtonians can only go 14 days without caffeine or booze.

All in all, it looks like Americans prefer their coffee, especially here in the PNW.