A year ago, when we heard that Calgary was getting its first indoor action sports centre, we were thrilled. When it opened last summer, we were even more excited. And now that we’ve experienced it, we know all that excitement was worth it. We are talking, of course, about Vortex Action Sports Centre.

So, Vortex Action Sports Centre is a multi-disciplinary sports centre with a ton of different activities for all ages and calibres. Basically, the facility has everything you need to move your body, build skills and have fun. And here’s what you can expect—


The multi-sport facility has dedicated spaces for bouncing, skate tricks, and parkouring. There’s a dedicated trampoline park with 16 high-performance, Olympic-grade trampolines. Two of these are actually super trampolines in case you want to try (or flaunt) triple flips or off-axis quadruple spins. 

There is also a modular skate park with a mini-ramp for skateboarding, scootering, roller skating and rollerblading. And then there is the parkour gym with equipment, obstacles and a spring floor.

Photo via Vortex Action Sports


While the facility itself is top-notch, it isn’t just for seasoned athletes and gymnasts. It is a great place for everyone to build skills and strength while having a great time. Vortex offers group and private lessons for Trampoline, Skateboard and Parkour & Multi-Sport. Their trained coaches are super motivating and extremely patient. So, you can learn at your own pace.

They also have advanced training programs, aka Academy programs. Of course, you need to qualify to enter these programs.

Camp-ing & Celebrating

Like we said before, Vortex is a kickass place for all ages, and that includes the young’uns, be it kindergarteners or teenagers or anyone in between. The facility offers camps for children which combine different bounce, skate and parkour activities. You’ll find Spring and Summer camps, Holiday and PD Day camps, Girl-Only camps and more.

Vortex Action Sports Calgary
Photo via Vortex Action Sports

The centre is also a great place for birthdays or other celebrations. What’s better than action-packed entertainment to make kids’ special day truly special, eh?

Frankly, action sports enthusiast or not, visiting this first-of-a-kind facility in Alberta is a thrill in itself. You can sign up for lessons and camp or simply drop by for a few good hours of cardio joy. Check out the website below for more info about the facility.


11358 Barlow Trail NE #140, Calgary