Sometimes, one person’s bummer is another person’s reason for a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, if you live anywhere but Alberta’s favourite mountain town, you’ll likely be among those who are about to get pretty huffy because starting this May, anyone visiting will have to pay to park in and around downtown Banff.

After years of discussing the matter, the town council finally made this decision yesterday on Wednesday, January 27th as part of their budget deliberations.

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Though some free parking will still be available at the train station, the inner-town parkade, and along the Bow River, those who park elsewhere will be charged $3 an hour in the summer months and $2 an hour in the winter months.

The reasoning behind all of this? Well, imagine you actually live in the Town of Banff. You go home after a long day at the ski hill – only to find someone parked in front of your house.

In an effort to address concerns brought up by residents, Banff hopes that people may park elsewhere if they’re being asked to pay.

What do you guys think? Will this change how you feel about visiting Banff as often as a lot of you do? Let us know!