It has to be beautiful. It has to be charming. It has to be an adventure overload! We, clearly, have high standards when it comes to consolidating our spring-summer getaway bucket list. So, when we say that Columbia Valley BC has made it to the top of that list, you better believe that it checked off all the boxes and then some.

The valley with its four gorgeous towns, Radium, Invermere, Panorama, and Fairmont, is an incredible gem. One with all of the renowned BC beauty and none of the crowds. While that alone makes it a great all-season destination, the valley does have a lot to offer.

From a whole array of outdoor adventures to a delightfully eclectic culinary spread to unreal scenic beauty, here is everything that makes Columbia Valley the perfect getaway destination—

Hit the golf course sooner

It may still be winter in Calgary, but on the warm side of the Rockies in the Columbia Valley they are already preparing for spring! That’s why this is one of the best destinations for all you golf-lovers out there. With 11 golf courses spread across the valley, all with late-March to early-April opening dates, you can get a head start on the 2023 golf season.

travel columbia valley golf season
Photo via Travel Columbia Valley

Thrilling warm-weather activities

Starting late spring and going all the way into fall, the valley turns into one ginormous playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike and bike your way through the countless scenic trails in one of its many parks. Take a dip in the clear blue lakes. Go kayaking in the Columbia River. Get yourself some tee time at one of the many world-class golf courses. Whatever your idea of an outdoor adventure, they’ve got you covered.

the columbia valley kayaking
Photo via Travel Columbia Valley

Relaxing hot springs

The valley might be big on fun-filled, outdoorsy activities but it sure knows how to relax… with its famed mineral hot springs. You can either head south for your soothing soak in the Fairmont Hot Springs Pools with scenic mountain views. Or head north to the rock-covered Radium Hot Springs.

travel columbia valley hot springs
Photo via Travel Columbia Valley

Exquisite wine-ing & dining experiences

The sheer number of restaurants in the four-town valley make it virtually impossible to enjoy everything in a trip or even three. The valley offers a kaleidoscope of culinary experiences, ranging from freshly-prepared bites and craft brews to exquisite wines and cocktails, as well as farm-to-table delights that are sure to excite your taste buds. It is as much a foodie paradise as it is an outdoor playground.

travel columbia valley wine and dine
Photo via Travel Columbia Valley

Cozy-meets-luxury stays

Given its four towns and their own little quirks, it is easy to guess that the valley has no dearth of stay options. No matter what your preference is, the valley has accommodations for you. Lakeside resorts in Invermere? Done. Cozy cabins in Radium Hot Springs? Sure. Modern condos in the Panorama Mountain village? Check. Escapes in Fairmont Hot Springs? Heck yes!

panorama springs lodge
Photo via Panorama Springs Lodge

All that beauty

To say that the Columbia Valley is beautiful would be the understatement of the year. With its countless parks, beautiful wetlands and forests, blue waters and the Purcell and Rocky ranges, the region is straight-up breath-taking.

travel columbia valley views
Photo via Travel Columbia Valley

Ready to plan your next getaway? Head over to the Travel Columbia Valley website below to put together your perfect itinerary.