We have a new idea for date night. Imagine a romantic sunset train ride – now add dinosaurs. 

York-Durham Heritage Railway Association has a brand new Dino Train experience to send off summer in style, and if you would rather leave the kids at home, you can try the evening VIP experience. 

Enjoy a 2-hour excursion on the Jurassic grounds where you can dig for dinosaur bones, grab drinks at the bar, and enjoy a relaxing dinner at the on-site restaurant. Once the sun starts to dip, you will embark on a 40 minute train ride aboard a retro dino-themed locomotive and wind through the countryside amid over 40 dinosaurs. 

Over 40 dinosaurs? Just you wait. These life-sized, hyper-realistic animatronic dinosaurs are all around the property. From the take-off-your-sunglasses-to-get-a-better-look Brachiosauruses to T-Rexes that’ll make you sweat – even though you know they’re not real. Take some creative photos as they move, roar, and chomp in the background.

Your scenic VIP Dino train ride will be punctuated by on-site paleontologists and experts ready to answer your questions and fire off cool facts about these giant, prehistoric creatures. Indulge your nerd brain and release your inner Ross (if you’ve watched Friends, you know what we mean). Learn all about the dinosaur’s ancient stomping grounds, interesting quirks, and latest discoveries in the scientific field.

The York-Durham Heritage Railway Association is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Canadian railway with the help of volunteers and a dedicated staff. The VIP Dino train experience goes from 6 PM to 8:30 PM and with the Uxbridge station only an hour drive from Toronto, it’s an easy trip on the weekend or after work. 

Sound right up your alley? The VIP Dino Train experience is only here for a short time with limited seats available. So make sure to grab your tickets in time! 


When: Saturday, August 26th to Sunday, September 3rd
Where: Uxbridge Train Station, 19 Railway Street, Uxbridge
Cost: $69.99 for VIP Dino Train Evening Pass