With the worst of the pandemic behind us and a busy summer ahead, it’s high time to wind down with a glass of white, rose or red. Heck, why not treat yourself to an entire tub of good stuff – you deserve it!

In addition to the many treatments offered at the Solorzano Spa and Cafe in Red Deer Alberta, individual guests and larger parties can try out ‘vino therapy’ a legitimate service said to be an excellent way to improve circulation and relax your muscles.


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While you won’t find yourself neck-deep in fermented grapes, Solorzano will let you dip your feet in a merlot bath before massaging your piggies with a luxurious cabernet scrub.

If of course, you have ticklish feet (like us), you can also opt for their manicure or a body package.

Whether you get a zinfandel massage or a merlot wrap, you’re practically guaranteed to feel rejuvenated – and you’ll smell like a million bucks.


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Is it a sticky process? Perhaps – but it’s super unique and honestly, pretty affordable!

Treatments range from $55 to $215, plus many of them include a wine and cheese pairing – so you’re really getting your dollars worth.

For more information or to book now, you can check out their website below – after all, there are very few places like ’em!

Happy chillin’!


Where: 4631 50th Street, Red Deer
Instagram: @solorzanospa