If you live in Vancouver & haven’t been to Victoria yet, you’ll definitely want to put the BC city on your map of must-see places this summer. Our province’s beautiful capital was just named Canada’s best small city, which not only comes with huge bragging rights – but an opportunity to spotlight all the things that make Victoria great. Let’s get into it!

How does the ranking work?

Resonance Consultancy and Best Cities rank the best places to live, work, visit, and invest around the globe. Their small city ranking covers 25 municipalities with populations of less than 200,000 – and is based on six core categories: Place, Product, Programming, People, Prosperity, and Promotion.

How does Victoria rank?

Well, aside from being #1 (deservedly so), Canada’s best small city is “seemingly engineered for the post-pandemic, seize-the-day, work-from-home lifestyle.” There are plenty of diverse natural wonders, beaches, and outdoor activities for folks to enjoy – and the city has the best bike infrastructure in the country.

The city also ranks #1 in Canada in their Programming category, with the highest number of breweries and restaurants per capita in the country. ICYMI – Victoria is the birthplace of craft brewing and brewpubs in Canada, which means there are a ton of historic, trailblazing options when it comes to good brews.

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In terms of the Place category, Victoria sits in the top five – including #2 for Parks & Outdoors, and #35 in their Weather subcategory (defined by sunny days per year). Victoria’s mild winters and drop-dead-gorgeous summers are certainly a huge selling point, as is the city’s culture of sustainability.

Honestly, where else can you surf, mountain bike, and get in eight hours of work all in one day??

Plus, Victoria’s reputation as a leading tech hub makes it a great place for young talent to pave the way. There are also a ton of on-the-rise industries like aquaculture attracting all sorts of newcomers.

So, to summarize, Victoria’s strategic location, natural attractions, and solid infrastructure make the city an amazing place to call home. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or a permanent move to the Island, we definitely think Victoria is the place to be this summer.

We’ll catch you on the ferry, Vancouver!